Off we go, nice and slow.

Well here we are its Sunday morning after an interrupted sleep. At around 3am my son who was camping out in the basement with his dad, lost his sleeping bag and couldn’t seem to find his dad who was sleeping beside him. So up to get mommy he came. Then at 5:30am my daughter who has been sick this week came to visit while crying. Oh wonderful, her fever is up again. So she crawls in and I crawl out. Check her temp, get out the medicine and try as I might for her to blow her nose. She is 4, blowing her nose is tricky and hurts and she hates doing it. Ok fine not going to push the issue at this time of day, we cuddle up and head back to sleep only for my alarm to go off a little more than an hour later.

6:45am the first alarm goes. It’s promptly turned off and ignored. 7:00am the second one goes, I know I need to get moving, but I hit the snooze. I have nine whole minutes of rest before I have to peel myself up and head out in the to deep cold. I had checked the forecast before I had gone to bed. Morning called for -12 with a windchill of -20, how wonderful. So there I am putting on all my layers in the dark trying not to wake up my daughter. I had my coffee, some yogurt, and headed out the door as the sun started to shine. I joined up with my training group at the Kitchener Running Room store for our 8:30 Long Run. We are training for the 1/2 marathon event and this session is leading up to the Ottawa Race Weekend. We are a group of about 8 runners, and in our training schedule Sunday’s are always reserved for the Long Slow Run. This run is typically done in a run/walk fashion. This was our third week of running 7km.

Today five of us were gathered for our run. It was cold but the sun was shining. We started out with a little walk as we typically do, its our active warm up. Then off we go nice and slow. I felt the cold this morning. My fingertips were instantly numb and I had to pull them into my gloves. The air was biting today and found it a little hard on the nose. Running in the cold can be tricky but you just have to dress for it. I had three layers of pants, and 4 layers of tops. Those layers include the outer shell which is my wind barrier layer. It doesn’t take long to work up a sweat so by 2km I was feeling pretty good. We were running about a 7 min/km pace which is pretty good although I suspect as our distance increases that may still feel fast. Since we meet at the Running Room we have to run a loop so that we can meet back at the store when we are done. We stick together as a group, but at times get spread out a little. Today on our way back we were facing the sun and it felt great. I was able to take my buff off my face (its like a balaclava)  and our pace started to pick up a little too. Some of us discussed it was like cattle being called into the barn lol. We finished off our outing with some stretching and departed. While we meet twice during the week I look forward to meeting the girls next Sunday when with luck the sun will shine again, and we will tackle 9km.


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