Its all about that gear.

So Tuesday evenings are our Training Group night. Typically we have a talk followed by a 5k run. Since I am working day shift I find it hard to have the motivation to go out into the cold wearing next to nothing for a run. Come this time of evening I am ready to stay in my slippers and cuddle on the couch. Such a life is not a reality during the week. Work, dance, running it never ends. But I always feel good after the run, and never regret getting out there. The girls are great and the conversations don’t seem to end. I think tonight I might not run in my trail shoes either. The road is mostly clear and we typically find our way to the road when it the sidewalk is icy. Time for a quick snuggle with the kids before we all head off.

….So I went with my regular running shoes tonight. At first I had some concerns. Just walking out the to the car I could feel the cold air rushing into my shoes. They make them this way for a reason, and in the summer month’s its great. I stuck to my regular old wool socks thought in hopes to keep the feet warm. Our talk this evening was about dressing for the occasion, what to wear when running in winter. Well to some degree we all have that down already, but when it comes to gear there are many options. For example I have a pair of running gloves made by HEAD. They wick the sweat away but let the air in. They are best suited for fall and spring, not so much bitter cold winter. No I could buy a whole different style, I can get mitts, I can get other gloves, I can get mitten/glove combos. I can also get outer-shell mittens that go over my gloves. There are pants with fleece linings (which is pretty much a must have for winter), them you have pants with wind blocking fabric in certain spots, or a shell pant. Again several options to choose from. As for my I have a pair of base layer tights, then put on my lined running tights followed by my shell wind block layer. If you think that’s bad don’t even get me started on tops and jackets! I usually wear three top layers as well. In the end winter running requires you to be comfortable, visible and take your cell phone with you for emergencies. I would even venture out to say you need the same for spring, summer and fall running too!!

We had a great run tonight, at the end of our 5k I could have easily kept on going. Looking forward to Wednesday Night Run Club!


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