Another training night

Today like most training Tuesday’s I felt like I would much rather take a nap, then go running at 7pm. But I have learned that no matter how much I would rather be doing something lazy like watching TV or taking a nap, I would have fun running once I got there.

Today on the other hand was different. We had just had a big snow storm Sunday night blanketing the ground in 20+ cm on snow. It has been our biggest snowfall this winter, and that kind of snow, in a short (1 night) time frame can be hard to clean up quickly. While most streets have been plowed, a large number of sidewalks have not been cleared. The roads while plowed are not clear and dry, rather are covered with a loose slick snow. This is also the first time in our training session that I am working night shift. Night shift on its own is a challenge, but if you add in two young kids and all of the daily activities that goes along getting in a run can be almost impossible…. ALMOST. For me it’s practicality. Sure I could pay a sitter to watch the kids after school, but I would rather be the one to spend time with them. Sure I could skip sleeping and run when they are in school, but when you only have a 7 hour window for sleep skipping is not the best option. And there is always the treadmill option. OK no one likes that one.

When I signed up to take the training program I had decided that I would be 100% committed to making the Tuesday night sessions. I knew I would need to switch shifts, take time off, and have grandma get them to and from dance. So tonight no matter how much I just wanted to rest before having to head in for work, I laced up and off I went. We had a great talk about cross training and the importance of strength training to help overall performance, then hit the road. For the first time in a long time I felt like I couldn’t do it. I said to myself ” I should have just stayed home.”

I started to have pain in my left calf. This is the cause of the ankle problem I have had since fall. So I started to fall back from my the girl I was pacing with. We had made the turn making our way back I suddenly stopped running. I went right into a fast walk and found it strange that even through I told my legs to run, they weren’t. They simply slowed to walk without intent. It was a very strange feeling. I realized it was the problem, was the snow. It was loose and causing a lot of slipping. My poor calf was working extra hard for me to keep my footing. I was thankful the pain was temporary, and after a short walk we suddenly came to some clear pavement. I started running again, found my pace and eventually caught up with the girls (to my benefit they had to wait at a traffic light). We finished our the last few hundred meters of the run together and headed in for a stretch.

There I was feeling good, like I could keep running even though tonight’s run felt like a challenge right from the start. In the end I was right. I had fun, I worked hard, and got to spend some time with a wonderful group of people. Here’s to the next cold snowy run!


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