Sometimes a BAD run

A bad run? Is there really such a thing? The optimist would say no, the extremely self critic would say yes. I sit on the fence. I am neither an optimist or extremely self-critical. I am very self-critical so I will say I was not happy with tonight’s run, and when comparing with other runs it would class as a bad run. But I know that not every run will be successful, easy or effortless and that sometime any run is a good run no matter the distance or speed. There are always going to be things in our lives that will affect our run. Sometimes these things will be worked out with a good hard or long relaxing run. Other times the run will in essence fail.

Today I had a hard time. Lately I have been finding that my choice in winter running shoes was good for the environment, and not good for my body. I love the function of my Saucony Razor 2’s but I am finding them too rigid and hard. They are a trail shoe, and they are made that way it’s a specific purpose. I just don’t really think its good for my feet/legs. Back in early September I was out tackling a 10 k run. At the 6km I was just finishing a downhill stretch when I suddenly had a sharp pain in my left foot. With every step the pain intensified until I could no longer push through it and was forced to stop. I could hardly walk but I had to walk the three plus kilometres home. I was convinced I had suffered a stress fracture. I was diagnosed with peroneal tendonitis and was told to rest. I did, for a while. I started physio a few weeks later, ran a couple of 5K races as well. While that sharp pain I had felt that day had gone, the nagging discomfort behind my ankle did not. I continued to push through it, most of the time it was only there after a run when I had rested. Finally a few weeks ago I considered that maybe running with my arch supports in my shoes what causing some of this problem. The supports were hard and rigid preventing my arches from falling. The day my foot hurt I found that I had to take the support out of my shoe in order to even limp home, and couldn’t wear it for a few weeks after. So two weeks ago I started going with out them…both running and not running. This has helped relieve the ankle discomfort almost completely, but now I don’t have an insoles in my shoes to absorb some of the shock. My supports had some padding in some areas as well.

While I am no longer having the ankle pain I have been feeling like my poor feet need to be on a bouncy cushion when I am running. They are craving cushioning which the Razor 2’s have none, at least none that I can feel. That and the large amount of snow we received a week ago have made for some painful running. My calves had been taking the brunt and have been sore for the last few runs. In addition to sore tired legs I am working the wonderful night shift. While I like what night shift has to offer getting enough sleep is difficult. Depending on which start/end time I have I am usually able to squeeze in 1:30hrs of sleep before the kids need to be up for school. Depending other daily needs and or activities I may be able to go straight back to bed once I return home for the walk to school, or I have to wait until after school is finished. It is certainly not ideal but it’s what I do and it’s not about to change any time soon.

So here I am I had my short sleep got the kids off to school and am about to get back into bed, because I knew I would be heading to run club in the evening. That is when I received a message from my cousin that my aunt had passed away early this morning. She was a wonderful strong woman who lost her battle with cancer. While it was expected, it was sudden and not expected to be quite so soon. I let my family know that I would be sleeping for the day and they could message with information as necessary. I head to bed, and started off on a nice sleep….until the phone rang. I could tell it was a long distance number and while it woke me I decided to let the answering machine take the call…. no message, it was Rogers Cable. Great thanks Rogers. But now I am awake, I check my phone, than I woke up again at 2pm, now thinking ok I am ready to get up but I don’t want too, I check my phone again. Finally at 3:30 the kids are home and I want to see them. Sleep is OVER! I sat on the couch having my coffee when I realized I had to get my dinner cooked and packed up, shower, and be out of the house in a little more than an hour. Suddenly I didn’t want to run today. I thought no I am too tired, I don’t want to, I should rest, my legs are tired and stiff. But I don’t listen to my body. I rush get out the door and head off to run club. Tonight we were scheduled to run a 4k tempo (its a little faster pace). But is slippery from some wet drizzle so we opt for a 5k steady. LOL I barely made 2.5K. I took a walk break then thought no get to it, get running. I pushed out all I could to get through another kilometre when I just couldn’t go any more. I had to walk in the last 1/2-3/4 of a kilometre. Done nothing left, then pain. My poor legs felt like this was the hardest run they have done in months. I even started to get sore hamstrings while I was walking in.

Was it a bad run or just a run that didn’t go as planned? I want to say it was a bad run and it sucked everything out of me but I am happy I got out. Even a bad run is a good run!


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