A frosty run

I can tell you I never thought I would run in winter never mind in -30 windchill weather. Well ok I skipped my 10k long run on Sunday because the temperature was -35 with the windchill. That is seriously crazy, but the thing is I know that if I did go I would have had just a fine a run as I would in -20 windchill. We already know how to dress for the cold weather so really there is no difference. Maybe you add a wind layer if you don’t already wear one, and you keep your buff or balaclava on your face the whole time. I would love to blame my skipping out on Saturday’s 5k and Sunday’s 10k on just the weather but I can not.

When you start running its important to learn that you MUST listen to your body. This helps to prevent injury, and illness, and can prevent that really crappy run you wish you never had. This weekend I was working night shift, I had the starting of a head cold, and add to that the freezing temperatures I just didn’t have it in me. Did I feel guilty for not getting out there with the group? Of course I did. But the simple fact is I was tired and sick and if I ran I would have been disappointed with my results I would not have been able to fight off the cold either. Exerting that kind of energy when your body is fighting a bug will allow the bug to take hold as the body becomes exhausted. It is best to stay home for a few days, get the rest and recover. It doesn’t hurt to have your chicken soup either.

If you are going to head out for a run in those temperatures more layers is better, and be sure to have a wind breaker layer. Wind can go through two or more layers of fabric and still give you frost bite or frost nip. Make sure you route has some sort of warm place that you can go to if you run into any problems such as a coffee shop or restaurant. Always carry your cell phone, and your ID!


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