New Shoes

So far my winter running has been spent wearing a trail shoe Saucony Razor 2. I like them for many reasons and I dislike them for many reasons. Mostly I don’t like that they are rigid (they are supposed to be) and I find them a little hard on my feet. The good news is I bought them only for winter running as I am not a trail runner.

But with the aching feet and the thought of spring I decided what I really needed was a pair of shoes with some cushioning. I already know I need a neutral shoe with a 4mm or 8mm drop (Height of heel drop to height of toe). With this I was directed to try the Saucony (I like this brand so try it first) Kinavara 5. WOW what a shoe! It was so light it was unbelievable. The colour was nice, and the fit was good. BUT I wanted some cushioning, my feet want a little squishy bed to sink in when I pound them to the ground. The Kinavara have a 4mm drop but just not the amount of cushioning I am looking for. But if I should feel the need for a specific race shoe, I have found the one.

Next up, Saucony Triumph ISO. Yup the shoe I was dreaming of. The moment I put it on and took a step I knew it was the one. It was like no shoe I had ever worn before. It didn’t have that solid flat feeling but a soft gel foam like feel. I couldn’t be more excited for my first run in these beauties. My love of running shoes has me coveting them for the next several weeks though since I refuse to wear them in the snow, slush or rain. So lets all start hoping for a nice not so wet spring so I can get a chance to wear them.
(I got the blue ones!)

The following is a description for the Triumph ISO taken directly from
Delivers the plushest, most cushioned running experience we have ever created. ISOFIT upper morphs to your foot for a sock-like feel, providing superiour comfort and allowing the shoe to move in harmony with the foot. PWRGRID+ provides 20% more cushioning than the previous version for enhanced impact, protection & improved durability.


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