Cold weather is almost gone!

While I know that all of this cold weather running is good for me it’s getting hard. I have to say it, not a bug fan of my choice of winter shoes. They are great for their purpose but they aren’t great for my legs. Non the less I have worn them faithfully which has kept my feet warm and dry. I am looking forward to the spring when I can wear my new shoes!!.

So far this winter my training group and I have endured snow, ice, wind, cold and rain. Sometimes all in the same 5 km run LOL. I officially consider each of us hard-core runners now! I do fully admit that I skipped one very cold Long Run Sunday it was a wonderful -30 that morning, but with that admission it should be known that the cold was only the sprinkles on top of the mountain of icing. Sometimes we runners need to remember that we can not always get out no matter how much we may think we should or need to. Like that Sunday, I worked until 5 am, felt stuffed up and dry irritated throat for about three days, and then add that bitter cold weather. It was exactly the day to stay at home in bed where I rightfully belonged. Will I continue to feel guilty about skipping a day…. I will its my nature.

Since that time I finally got the full on head cold, which I ran with anyway. I received notification from the running application I use that I have completed/logged 500 km!! Wow I can’t believe I did that much in less than a year… then a realization kits me. In the next 11 weeks I will have done more that by just going to my training sessions. Unbelievable I really am a hard-core runner, and I love it.


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