Being Prepared Pays Off

So like every Saturday since I started my training program I spend a few minutes before bed preparing for the morning run. We are 11 weeks out from the race and starting to amp up our kilometers so a little prep in advance helps for an easy pre-run morning.

Unfortunately after reminding my mom who was coming over to babysit to be sure she turned her clock ahead, I forgot to do it myself!! Up I did, but I woke up 5:30am and realized at that time that I hadn’t done it (I knew because my husband had not just arrived home from work.) I promptly changed the clock, realized I had 30 min left to sleep and promptly dozed off. Knowing the alarm was set for the correct time all was well. A short time later I heard something that made me stir, then the door bell. OH KNOW mom is here, its 8:00, how could that be I should have been up an hour ago, I need to leave now to be there on time. So I chat with mom, send her back home and head back to bed, there was seemingly no point in trying to get there on time now. I message the girls in the group, my son wakes up, my husband wakes up, and I lay there feeling a heavy disappointment. Suddenly I jump up announce I can make it I am going. Even if I have to catch up to the group I would only be five or so minutes behind, surely I can catch up to them! I rush rush rush. I message the girls saying wait 5 min for me I am coming. Its 8:10 as and am scrambling to get dressed. I skipped brushing my teeth, I skipped my coffee, I did grab a banana to eat, but left my recovery drink on the counter. Out the door and don’t I make it with time to spare. Who knew!

So even though I was on time and wanted to be there, the rush is over and the feeling of I might still be sleeping sets in. My eyes not adjusted and feeling puffy I pull up my buff and we head out. The first few kilometers are KILLING ME! Everything hurts today, but the feeling of guilt and disappointment are gone because I made it I am out there no matter what. Of course by the end of our 15k I was feeling pretty good, sore but good. I am so glad I have this group of ladies to help me stay motivated and encouraged to get out there.

I am also thankful that I had everything ready to go the night before, if I hadn’t I surely would have had to catch up. A little preparation sure goes a long way.


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