Dirty Dash-4K July 6 2014

Do you like to run? Do you like mud? Then the Dirty Dash is the one for you. This was my second race and I hadn’t expected to be competitive at this race. I went with a couple of friends and we had decided we would run together. There were times when they waited for me, and times when I waited for them.

The race started out much like any other cross-country run. We were running in a park, and so it started out on a nice grassy section, eventually leading to the pavement. Following long the pavement we started up a hill, what a hill ugh… That hill was nothing as we soon found out. Back to the grass and up we go, then down then up again. Grassy hills but no mud? Eventually we wind into a wooded section along a creek, eventually into the creek…twice! There was some mud, many of us getting stuck in it trying hard to get out of the creek. The mud was yet to come. After trekking through the hills and the woods and the creek we could hear the crowd cheering, the end is near. The end a big mud pit a mud pit with rules. To maximize your mud experience ropes were strung across the pit, the rule, you must go under not over. After some play in the mud we make our way to the end and cross the finish line and head for the showers.

Oh the wonderful showers, cold, cold water so cold it took my breath away. After getting as clean as we can its time for food and prizes. Checking the results I realize I had placed 4th in my weight category. It was now that I learned that had I not stopped to play, I could very well have won a medal. In fact one of my friends DID win a medal, she took 3rd place in her category, and her husband who had started the race with us also took home a medal.

It was a fun day but I learned something very important. I don’t like getting dirty, and don’t like to play in the mud. From here on its straight road races for me!

Results: 4K 00:30:34 4th place in weight category.


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