Race Day is coming!

May 24th sounds so far away, so why is it that I am already starting to stress about race day? I am excited, and nervous and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Like most I start to think I can’t do it, I’m going to fail. But I know that I won’t fail, I will finish 21.1k just fine. The real question is will I finish it in the time I hope too. When I registered I clicked the little box for finishing in 2 hours. At the time I thought that will be tough. Now I am starting to think its going to be easy, and begin to wonder if I can do it in less than that. Something between 01:30:00 and 01:45:00. Of course that could be a big stretch and I know that, but the real question is now much of a stretch is it in reality? I suppose I won’t really know until race day.

When we train on our long runs we do a 10/1 Run/Walk. I find the pace is slower than I would like most of the time, but not by much. Just slow enough that my form is suffering a little. Hence the runners knee that is killing me after each long run. I don’t specifically know what is causing the runners knee, but this past week after our 16K there was enough swelling in my right knee that I couldn’t fully bend it for several hours after. But that being said, in the fall when I made my way up in km’s I found it was hurting like that at 9k, now its at 16k. I just hope that by the time race day gets here it’s not an issue, and or I have figured out a way to keep it from hurting too soon. I need to be able to push through those last km’s with a faster pace!! (Yes I am competitive even it is just against the clock.)


One thought on “Race Day is coming!

  1. Alison! I am so so proud of you! Still remember out first run as if were yesterday and look how far you have come! You will do this!! So proud of you!!


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