Runners Knee

So it’s on, I am fully battling Runners Knee. Back in the fall when I first tried to run 10k (I went from 5 to 10 in one day) I found that at 9k I had to fight every step until I was done. But as time has gone on I realized that increasing my distance by 100% in one day isn’t how its done. After a lot of rest due to injury in the fall I found I had less trouble with my knee. Then we started hill training.

A few weeks a go we started to run hills with a 10k total distance. I was starting to notice some strain, and found the Sunday long runs to be a little hard on the knee as well. This last Sunday we completed 16k my farthest distance yet. But my knee despite having my straps on (one above the knee and one below) became so inflamed that I was unable to fully bend my knee. It took about two days to feel better. Now after today’s 10k its feeling pretty sore again. Not as bad as Sunday, but I know that if I don’t rest it now it will be. So tonight its ice on ice off and a realization that some strength work and better stretching are necessary in order for me to reach my goal injury free.


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