First Day of Spring

Today is so beautiful out. I love when the sun is shining and setting its warmth on my skin. If I were able to get out for a run today, it would have been a t-shirt day!! To bad its supposed to get cold again for the weekend. Anyway TODAY!! HAPPY!! WONDERFUL!!

So yesterday I set out and ran 10k by my lonesome with my music and my thoughts. I chose a route that was a point to point, from one city to the next. (With a ride home when I finished.) The route was mostly rural but with heavy traffic. In the beginning I was concerned that maybe it wasn’t the best route given the amount of cars and speed, but it wasn’t to bad, the shoulder was a little messy but manageable. At one point while passing a farm with heavy foliage along the side of the road I heard the familiar sound of a bird chirp. I don’t know why kind of bird it was, but its one most often heard in the country during the summer time. It was the most wonderful sound of the morning. Until that point I had never felt close to nature so to speak. But that moment, as winter was passing off to spring I heard the first sound of something wonderful to come.

Today I battle sore knees and stiff aching quads, but some how I feel 100% completely awesome. Is it the sun? yesterday’s run? Yes yes it is. A sunny runners high! 🙂 Hope you are also having a great day. Happy First Day of Spring!!


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