Time to get moving

So I had stopped writing for a little while. Mostly because I felt as though I ran out of things to say about my running. But over the past year I have run more races and recently decided I would try my hand…or more accurately my feet at running a marathon.  Yes you read that right. I had no ambition to run a marathon until one day I did. I came upon this decision suddenly and couldn’t shake it. I have spent the last few months saying I am going to do it, but find myself here now. Mentally ready to go, registered for not one but TWO marathons yet behind in training.

I have looked at plans, I have talked about plans but yet I have not started a plan. Race day is in about 11 weeks so I really need to get moving on this.  I have been using an app on my phone called Run Keeper and love it. I decided to go with one of the training plans included in the app, and I will make adjustments to the schedule as needed. Shift work and two active kids can put a hold on my training as has been the case from the moment I decided to do it.  As of today I have completed on run at 26.5km but my overall weekly KMs are low. I have committed to starting the training program tomorrow and while it will be a struggle to hit the target pace I will give it a shot.

Pace ya, I decided I would make an attempt to do the program aimed at a sub 3:45 finish. Perhaps if it works out maybe I could see a Boston Qualifying time… I don’t necessarily have a lot of faith in myself for this feat but I decided I would give it a try. I figure it may take a few sessions to get my speed up to what its telling me I should be doing, but its all part of the challenge.

Here’s to an injury free hard work training program!


One thought on “Time to get moving

  1. Alison…good for you…I also have to get moving again…long story…on the mend…hope to see you at the Rexall One Walk in September… Talk soon Marie


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